New website puts gardening solutions at your fingertips, regardless of thumb color

(Purdue University photo/Janna Beckerman)

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - Purdue Extension's brand new mobile website helps gardeners never let their plants die again.

The Purdue Plant Doctor website is a mobile-friendly, one-stop-shop that helps gardeners find insects, diseases, and abiotic problems affecting hundreds of landscape trees, shrubs, and flowers used in Midwestern landscapes. You can navigate the tremendous maze of

“Each year, homeowners invest millions of dollars in landscaping materials, but problems arise due to insect diseases and sometimes lack of experience. It's a free and easily accessible way to get started," said Janna Beckerman, Plant Disease Expert and Website Content Specialist at Purdue Extension.

This website builds on Purdue Extension's wealth of knowledge, using high-quality images to quickly categorize thousands of problems gardeners may encounter with landscape plants and flowers. increase. Problems found with each type of plant are ordered based on how common they are in Midwestern gardens and yards.Once the problem is diagnosed, the website guides users on how to treat the plant. To do.

Many of the websites available today to assist growers in managing plant health are sponsored or developed by companies that manufacture horticultural chemicals or products. Cliff Sadof, the site's content specialist, said that while the apps tend to suggest specific products, Purdue's website focuses on research-based treatments.

“Before suggesting the use of insecticides or fungicides, we start with the least toxic approach,” Sadof said. “We want to teach people how to deal with underlying problems before resorting to chemical solutions. are also provided so that no one accidentally harms pollinators or other beneficial insects.”

The website is designed to appeal to new growers discovering green thumbs during the pandemic, Beckerman said.

"We hope this website will help growers of all levels improve their gardening experience," she said. Contains pictures of plants."

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