4 Steps Coastal Homeowners Need to Take ASAP to Prepare for Hurricane Season

4 Steps Coastal Homeowners Need to Take ASAP to Prepare for Hurricane Season
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Don't wait for the hurricane to come.

Key Point

  • We recommend that you prepare well before the hurricane hits.
  • Homeowners must take steps to protect not only their homes, but their own finances.
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The peak of the hurricane season is fast approaching. It's been pretty quiet so far, but there's no guarantee it will continue. That's why it's important for coastal homeowners to take important steps now to prepare for the worst. Here are four things you should do immediately:

1. Check Homeowners Insurance Coverage

A hurricane can easily wipe out an entire neighborhood, forcing homeowners to rebuild from scratch. But that can be difficult, especially if the limit on your home insurance policy isn't enough to cover the full cost of rebuilding. or you may have to pay the extra costs out of your own pocket.

Those who don't want to worry about this should check their home insurance policy limits to make sure they are appropriate based on the latest building costs in the area. Those with questions should contact their local insurance agent. You may be able to get a quote from a shop or a local builder who is familiar with building costs in the area.

2. Consider adding rain cover

Storm Shutters can also prevent hurricanes from shattering your windows and protect items inside your home from storm damage. Getting a rain cover for your entire home can cost thousands of dollars, but it may be worth the investment for homeowners who can afford it. In addition to reducing hurricane damage, many home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners who install rain shelters.

Homeowners who choose to have these installed should contact their insurance company to see if they qualify for the savings. You may want to see if you can save even more at the location.

3. Create backups of important documents

We recommend creating a backup of important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and insurance policies. Ideally, the homeowner should keep one copy of hers at home and one copy away from her home. A bank safe deposit box is a good choice.

This reduces the risk of loss and saves homeowners the replacement costs they typically pay to order a new home. Keeping a copy of your insurance documents may also expedite the claim process, as all account information will be readily available to the homeowner.

4. Have emergency supplies on hand

Keep emergency supplies at home, such as bottled water, a flashlight, and extra batteries. It's best not to wait for news of an impending storm. Because that's when everyone else is going to buy the same thing. Prepare well in advance, but don't overdo it. Only buy what you know you will use.

While these measures won't stop hurricanes from disrupting lives and destroying property, they may make hurricane recovery a little easier. It's better to be safe than.

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