How to get recipes in Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft is one of the few games known for the sheer amount of content in its world. Every item and entity in the game tells its own story and enables players to perform unique actions, unlocking new aspects of the game (or just having fun). As a game primarily based on sandbox survival, a large part of its progression is based on crafting new items and using them as upgrades for old ones.

The crafting mechanic is one of the game’s most important mechanics. It allows players to make items, food, potions, blocks, health items, weapons, tools, armor, and a ton of other stuff. Crafting an item in Minecraft is like preparing a meal. Each item requires a certain amount of specific crafting ingredients. Together, these ingredients are known as a crafting recipe.

Minecraft 1.19: Everything about crafting recipes and ingredients


Crafting in Minecraft is usually done using one of the two crafting “grids.” A crafting grid is an area where players place all the ingredients required for a crafting recipe and collect the crafted item from the output slot.

The first grid is smaller and can be opened when players press “E” on their keyboard. This opens the inventory screen, which also houses the players’ character model, armor slots, and a 2×2 crafting grid. The 2×2 craft grid is used to craft some of the most basic items in the game (like crafting tables and wooden planks), thus allowing players to progress to crafting with a crafting table.


However, the second grid is made inside a crating table. Consisting of nine slots, this grid provides the biggest and most widely used platform for item and block construction in Minecraft. Players can build anything from wooden planks and beds to nether stars and firework rockets.

The best way to get recipes in Minecraft is to just click the small button that showcases a book rotated at an angle. Once players are inside this recipe menu, they can click on any given item recipe. This will showcase that particular recipe to players. It is important to remember that players can craft anything from the personal 2×2 grid in the 3×3 crafting table grid. However, this cannot be reversed.


As far as “getting” recipes is concerned, players will just have to learn them. Each recipe has its ingredients arranged in a specific manner. For example, when players make a sword, they always place one stick below and two planks above it. The same goes for many other recipes like the pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, and more.

Learning recipes is not hard at all. Once players start explaining their crafting inventory, they can also start expanding the stuck in there. Also, in case of any confusion, all players need to do is consult the tiny books beside the actual 2×2 or 3×3 grid.


As of June 2022, there have been more than 379 different types of crafting recipes within the game. An interesting detail to note is that some recipes, when represented in the crafting grids, are animated. This can be seen due to the presence of a pair of intertwined arrows.

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