Classic Green Tea Shot Recipe

In the spirit of honest disclosure, we need to tell you that there is not actually a single drop of green tea in the classic green tea shots you’ll shake up, following this recipe from chef and recipe developer Jaime Shelbert of Wholly Nourished. Sure, they come out looking just like green tea, but the looks are entirely deceiving. “It does not taste like green tea but has a similar look for sure,” Shelbert says. “It has more of a refreshing fruity flavor.”

But don’t worry, you won’t care at all once you have a taste of these delectable shooters, which are really better sipped than slammed. And that’s for two reasons: first, they’re delicious, so you should savor the flavor. Second, they go down so easy that things can get downright dangerous! Remember, while there might not be any green tea in there, the recipe does call for whiskey!

With that in mind, gather up the few ingredients needed for this tasty treat, get a shaker and some ice, and let’s whip up a round of classic green tea shots, no green tea required.

Gather your ingredients for classic green tea shots

This recipe calls for a blending of four liquids, those being sour mix, peach schnapps, lemon-lime soda (think 7UP or Sprite), and an Irish whiskey of your choice — Shelbert uses Jameson. Beyond that, you’ll need ice, a cocktail shaker, and a few small glasses. And that’s it.

Shake up the booze and sour mix

First off, put a big handful of ice into your cocktail shaker. Then pour in 2 ounces of your preferred Irish whiskey, 2 ounces of peach schnapps, and 2 ounces of sour mix. Now, close up the shaker and give it quite a few good shakes to fully mix everything together.

Pour out the drink and top it with the soda

Now, pour out four even servings of the liquid you just mixed up, making sure the glasses you have chosen can each accommodate about ½ ounce more fluid. Top up the glasses with (approximately) ½ ounce of the lemon-lime soda, then serve the drinks right away while they’re cold and fresh. Pro tip: freeze the shot glasses ahead of time to ensure even more chill.

So, why is it called a green tea shot?

So there you have it, the classic green tea shot, a drink made entirely without any green tea. Why the name, then? It’s not because of the flavor, which is sweet and fruity and a bit smoky, thanks to the whiskey. It’s completely about appearances. Just take a look at that liquid: if you’ve used the correct proportions of your ingredients, the shots will come out looking exactly like green tea.

And when best to enjoy a serving or two? Shelbert says: “Because of its fruity and refreshing flavor I think this makes a great summer drink.” Sip (responsibly) all summer long!

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